Quarter Hog

Our heritage-breed whole hogs come from the lush pastures of Colorado Pastured Pork in Hotchkiss, CO.    

We have been partnering with Toby (Lead Pig Wrangler) since 2017, and we are excited to be offering the same delicious pork featured in our baskets in a larger format. 

Quarter Hogs are $400* and average 30-35lb of finished product.   Your $200 deposit guarantees one of our limited whole hogs available for the 2021 season.   The remaining balance of $200 will be charged at time of delivery.   

*Pricing includes USDA processing, professional cryovac packaging and home delivery.

What you get:

  • (4) Packages Pork Chops (bone-in, 2 per package, 1” thick)
  • (4) Packages Pasture Provisions Signature Bacon (12oz Packages)
  • (1) Packages Pasture Provisions Signature Bacon Pieces (12oz Packages)
  • (1) Packages Pasture Provisions Signature Bacon Ends (12oz Packages)
  • (Note - Pasture Provisions Signature Bacon is all-natural uncured (no nitrates or nitrites added) dry rubbed peachwood smoked bacon made in partnership with River Bear Meats)
  • (1) Packages Spare-Ribs or Pork Sirloin Roast (~2.5lb)
  • (2) Shoulder Roasts (~2.5-3lb bone-in roasts)
  • (1) Packages Country Style Ribs (4 steaks per package)
  • (1) Ham Shanks or Hock (Smoked, uncured)
  • (1) Jowl (Smoked, uncured) 
  • (4) Ground Pork (1lb packages) 
  • (1) Pasture Provisions Signature Breakfast Bulk Sausage (1lb packages)
  • (1) Pasture Provisions Signature Breakfast Link Sausage (8x2oz Links/pk) 
  • (1) Sweet Italian Bulk Sausage (1lb packages)
  • (1) Hot Italian Bulk Sausage (1lb packages)
  • (1) Chorizo Bulk Sausage (1lb Packages)
  • (1) German Bulk Sausage (1lb packages)
  • (1) Cajun Bulk Sausage (1lb Packages)

Choose Optional Cuts (Pick up to 1)

  • Bones (great for making broth) ~10-15lbs 
  • Fat (renders to a beautiful and tasty lard) ~10-15lbs
  • Head (Lots if great meat) ~7lbs
  • Organs (Heart and Liver) ~3lbs 

Whole, Half and Quarter Hogs will be delivered in November and December of 2021 - Typically within 2-4 weeks of receiving your deposit.   

Please note the only substitutions allowed will be for the mix of sausages upon request.