Turkey Deposit

After a long search for a high quality Colorado Turkey producer we are proud to be partnering with Rocky Mountain Organic Farms.   We are taking $25 non-refundable deposits on a limited supply of heritage breed Bourbon Red Turkeys that we'll deliver to your door on Monday November 19th.

We'll be selling the dressed turkeys including delivery for $8/lb.   We'll calculate the final weights and collect the balance (minus the deposit) prior to delivery on November 19th.   The turkeys will be roughly 10-12 pounds dressed weight according to Blake the farmer.

Located in the Black Hills outside Colorado Springs Rocky Mountain Organic Farms is committed to only feeding their animals organic feed and raising them on pasture their entire lives.   We are passionate about making a connection with the hard working farmers that raise the animals we source, so we encourage you to check out Rocky Mountain Organic Farms.