Amish Acres

Amish Acres is a family owned farm operated by Joe Bontrager ,his wife and 3 young children.  Our chicken adventure began with the construction of a massive dirt floored solar powered barn in 2017, which is the home to ~2000 free-range hens that lay beautiful brown eggs.  The barn is where they sleep and lay eggs to protect them from predators and cold winter nights, but every morning we open the door so they can go outside to their expansive pasture to do what chickens do best - scratch and eat.

Our farm is inspected by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and all supplemental feed is high quality GMO free mix.  

My family collects, washes and sanitize the eggs by hand before we candle, grade, and package them for delivery across the Front Range.  Eggs are delivered to Pasture Provisions every Wednesday to ensure their customers get the freshest product available.


Boulder Natural Meats is a poultry processor company in business since 1985. Customer focused and driven, we offer a Colorado Raised Antibiotic Free Poultry Program.

We are a small, family-operated company. As owners, we work side-by-side with a great team of folks to delivery the highest quality and humanely raised Colorado Poultry.

Boulder Natural Chickens are…

  • Raised in Colorado
  • Raised in an open environment
  • 100% Vegetarian Fed
  • “Never Ever” fed antibiotics or growth hormones
  • Global Animal Partnership (GAP) certified
  • Hand cut and trimmed in a USDA inspected facility