Parker Pastures

Our Vision

We strive to be excellent stewards of Creation, to promote life in all forms, to produce healthy grass-fed meats in a way that regenerates the land, to support an excellent quality of life for our family, and to have absolute honesty and integrity in all of our relationships.


Parker Pastures Lamb

Our Certified Organic Grass-fed Lambs are 100% pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grass-finished. Like our cattle, they graze on pristine, lush, and high mountain pastures of our beautiful Gunnison Valley and eat their fill of a wide diversity of plants, drink clean mountain water, bask in the sun, and interact within their natural social system.  Our passion for Holistic Management means the sheep are also regenerating the ecosystem in which they thrive.  The flock is composed of heritage Dorper and Katadin haired sheep.  Haired sheep do not have a thick wool fleece so their meat is deliciously mild, sweet and less greasy than "woolly" breeds.  With a rack of well-filled meaty chops, a broad loin of superior quality, and a leg that is full, round, and plump, you can be sure of a succulent and tender lamb that will delight you. 



Born with a passion for healthy lands and humanely raised livestock, we (Bill and Kelli Parker) founded Parker Pastures in 2006 after years studying and gaining experience in livestock production, ecology, and Holistic Management. Along with our 3 children, we own, manage, and provide most of the labor for this family owned business.
SkyPilot Farm's Mission: 
We believe the best tasting food comes from focusing on multi-species regenerative grazing and high standards for animal welfare. As one of the few urban livestock operations in Boulder County, our responsibility is not only to provide a high quality product, but also to improve the land and habitat and to serve as a resource for community engagement and education.
SkyPilot Farm Lamb
Our sheep are raised on pasture year-round where they get plenty of exercise, good food, and sunlight. Grass-fed lamb is healthy, lean, and rich in iron and vitamins. We produce lamb that is mild in flavor and tender.

About SkyPilot Farm

This is us. A few years ago we didn’t have a farm. We didn’t know whether you really needed a rooster to get eggs or not. We certainly didn’t know how to shear sheep. We lived in a loft, which we hated. At some point during our one-millionth trek up four flights of stairs to take our dog out to play, we realized that where we were wasn’t really where we wanted to be. We longed for the open spaces we had enjoyed as children in rural America, and for more space to play fetch with our Australian Shepherd, Charlie. Where we ended-up next was more space than Charlie really needed, so we bought a couple backyard chickens. And then we bought a goat because he seemed nice, and then we got another because goats need friends, and then we figured that since we already had goats, it couldn’t hurt to have sheep, too. Pretty soon we had 30 chickens, 24 sheep, 4 dogs, a couple barn cats and a 128 Sq. ft. organic garden. And then we decided what we really needed was a farm. SkyPilot Farm was previously the Haas Family Farm. The Hass family owned this farm for over 100 years. We are proud to carry on this tradition as the new owners and to provide you, our neighbors and local community, with healthier, better tasting food.