At Pasture Provisions, we deliver meat products that are handled by skilled butchers in USDA inspected processing facilities.  Our meats are vacuum packaged or carefully wrapped in freezer paper and frozen to preserve their freshness and extend their freezer life.  Professionally packaged vacuum sealed or freezer paper wrapped meats can last for years in your freezer without loosing their flavor or getting freezer burn, but here are some rough freezer storage guidelines from the trusted folks at the Farmers Almanac.  

Beef, Pork, Lamb, Wild Game

Cut Freezer Storage Timeline
Ground 3-4 Months
Steaks, Roasts, Chops 6-12 Months
Sausage, Bacon or Cured Meats 1-2 Months



Cut Freezer Storage Timeline
Whole Chicken or Turkey 12 Months
Breast, Thigh, Wings 8 Months