Is Pasture Provisions for me?

Do you eat meat?

Do you care about where your food comes from and how it was raised?

Do you like the convenience of having food delivered to your door?

Do you live in the greater Denver Metro or Boulder areas?

If you answered "Yes" to the questions above then Pasture Provisions is probably a great option for stocking your freezer and fridge some of the finest meat, eggs and vegetables Colorado has to offer.

Here at Pasture Provisions we are committed to being the front ranges premier farm-to-door subscription delivery service featuring 100% Colorado raised grass-fed beef and lamb, heritage breed pasture raised pork, free-range chickens and eggs, and vegetables grown using organic principles. 


Looking for a hassle free way to have what you need without having to worry about it?


Pasture Provisions Market

Great to add more local to your table!

Single Delivery

Featured Pasture Provisions Baskets

Mixed Meat, Veggie, and Egg Baskets

Meat Only Baskets

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Visiting Parker Pastures

Our Beef Has a Story to Tell

We visited our largest supplier, Parker Pastures in Gunnison, and sat down with Bill and Kelli Parker for an interview. We discussed farming as a way to regenerate the land, food as medicine, and why customers make the best business partners. You do not want to miss their incredible story! Click the link below to listen to our 35 minute conversation.


A Note From the Founders

We have entered uncharted territory as we experience changes to our daily lives and uncertainty of how long this will last as a reaction to COVID-19.

Because of this, we are committed to serving our community and have been taking the appropriate measures with our local ranch and farm suppliers to ensure we are able to meet the demands of our customers, and support you, and your families, as best we can. We hope we can be an additional source of reassurance and calm in the form of convenient food delivery, that you can feel great about eating and feeding your family.

In addition to our subscription basket options, we are offering staple items including grass-fed ground beef and pasture-raised chicken products at a discounted price, both as subscriptions and for individual purchase. We have also added the Pasture Provisions Market for an expanded selections of items available for individual purchase. Please note that we do ask to honor a one-off order minimum of $40 per order to cover our delivery and labor costs associated with one-time orders – remember these meat and seafood items are frozen and will last months in the freezer if you can’t use right away.

We continue to be committed to bringing home delivery meats, eggs and vegetables to your door.  We look forward to providing some extra relief while helping our customers stay safe and healthy during this uncertain time.

Also, a note to our subscription customers: we are now taking back our reusable insulated bags and ice packs, so please leave those out prior to your next delivery so we can reuse them. 

Thank you and stay safe! – Andrew & JT

How It Works

How It Works

Step 1:

Pick your Pasture Provisions basket size and delivery frequency (bi-weekly or monthly):

Small Basket - Includes 2-3+ LB Mixed Basket of Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb, Pasture Pork and Chicken plus Fresh Seasonal Veggies and Free-Range Eggs

Medium Basket - Includes 4-5+ LB Mixed Basket of Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb, Pasture Pork and Chicken plus Fresh Seasonal Veggies and Free-Range Eggs

Large Basket - Includes 8-10+ LB Mixed Basket of Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb, Pasture Pork and Chicken plus Fresh Seasonal Veggies and Free-Range Eggs

Medium Meat Only Basket - ~5 lb mixed basket of grass fed beef and lamb, pasture pork, and free range chicken.  (Monthly Only)

Large Meat Only Basket - ~10 lb mixed basket of grass fed beef and lamb, pasture pork, and free range chicken.  (Monthly Only)

Grass-fed Ground Beef Basket - Choose from either a 4 or 8 pack of our grass-fed ground beef.  (Monthly Only)

Step 2:

We'll deliver your first Pasture Provisions basket to your door in an insulated box that stays on your porch for your future deliveries. 


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Ham and Beans

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Paleo-Friendly Meatballs

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Colorado Ranch Chili

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Conversation with Parker Pastures

Conversation with Parker Pastures We recently had the privilege to tour Parker Pastures with owners Bill and Kelli Parker.

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How to Keep Your Lettuce Fresh

How to Keep Your Lettuce Fresh

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Cooking the Perfect Steak

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