Our philosophy at Pasture Provisions is "You Are What You (M)eat", which is the belief that we should only be eating animals and vegetables that are fed their natural food sources and never given GMO feed, antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, or other nasty stuff.  We also believe if you eat meat it should be ethically raised.


Where Does Your Food Come From

We believe that the closer you are to your food source, the fresher and more eco-friendly it will be. All of our meats, veggies, eggs and specialty products are raised and grown in Colorado.

What Is Your Food Eating

We believe the best tasting and healthiest animals are those that eat a diet they were genetically adapted to eat, and the best tasting and healthiest vegetables are grown using organic principles.

Know Thy Farmer

We focus on building long term partnerships with local ranchers and farmers who are stewards of the land and never sacrifice animal welfare.