How to Keep Your Lettuce Fresh

Lettuce will be one of the staple items in your Pasture Provisions baskets, so we felt its important to understand how to extend the freshness of these fantastic greens from our grower The Grow Haus.   In our baskets we'll include loose leaf, head and living lettuce (the living lettuce still has the root ball attached), so here are some tips to keeping the lettuce fresh and crisp.

Our lettuce is pre-washed, but its always recommended to wash any produce before storing or eating to reduce the chances of food born illness.

Storing Loose Leaf, Head and Living Lettuce

  • Rinse lettuce under cold water (be gentle and don't use high water pressure sprayer to avoid bruising the lettuce)
  • Dry lettuce in a salad spinner or by gently patting with paper towel or clean rag
  • Once the lettuce is dry as possible, wrap the lettuce in a dry paper towel.
  • Place the paper towel wrapped lettuce back in the bio bag provided by Pasture Provisions (best if you loosely tied the top) or place in a large glass or plastic storage container with a lid.
  • Put the lettuce in your crisper drawer of your refrigerator.
  • Check the lettuce every couple of days to make sure paper towel is relatively dry and remove any leaves that are starting to go bad.  If the paper towel is wet replace with a dry paper towel.

Reviving your Lettuce if it Starts to Wilt

  • Place loose leaf, head or living lettuce in a large bowl of ice water for a few minutes and the lettuce should crisp back up. Dry off with a towel or in a salad spinner before serving.


  • Give the lettuce room by being sure not to squish or compress it when storing
  • Try to store your lettuce in a crisper drawer separate from other fruits and veggies as all harvested veggies and fruits release a natural hormone called ethylene that can cause the lettuce to go bad faster.

There are a variety of containers and bags on the market designed to preserve freshness of produce, so you can try those as well.  Peak Fresh Reusable Produce Bags or the Progressive Prepworks Fruit and Veggie Keeper have good reviews.

For additional information see this article from The Balance which has great tips on keeping your lettuce fresh -