Queen City Coffee - First Tracks Whole Bean - 12oz


Pasture Provisions is excited to be partnering with Queen City Coffee to provide sustainable coffees sourced from the world's best coffee-growing regions across the Americas and Africa.  We choose Queen City Coffee as our coffee partner because we share many of the same principles including supporting sustainable farming and forming direct and lasting partnerships directly with the farmers.

Featured Roast:

  • Medium Roast

    Few things compare to a frost mountain morning and a hot cup of coffee. This everyday mix of Colombian X Ethiopian beans roasted to perfection will fuel your first tracks.

    This collaboration coffee supports the mission of the American Avalanche Association to promote expertise, professionalism, and knowledge within the avalanche industry. Whatever your winter canvas may be, you rely on avalanche professionals for forecasts, education, research, and mitigation. 

    Time to boot up! 

More about Queen City Coffee:


In many ways, Queen City started in the mid-2000s while we worked, researched, and played in rural Africa. From Zimbabwe to Rwanda, we spent nearly a decade coordinating humanitarian programs, organizing research projects, and kicking around on humble soccer fields with friends. We learned about community in Africa — real, honest community.

Life eventually brought us back to our roots, back to Colorado and the great city of Denver. Along the way, we indulged our passion for coffee by moonlighting as baristas and roasters, and this made our next project an easy progression — we love our farmer friends + we love our city, the Queen City of the Plains + we love coffee — so we started a company that combines all these things!

Collective coffee means we’re doing this together — we have real, tangible connection with our coffee farmers; we know the conditions of their production; we then small-batch roast their coffee in the city we love and we proudly serve it in Denver’s historic Baker neighborhood. We believe everyone is welcome to this ragtag group because good coffee should build the collective good.